Tuesday, January 24, 2006

A Synopsis of the Uranium Stock Story

As an investor who came late to the oil and gas boom, it was pretty frustrating to see all the gains being realized in the markets and knowing that, while it might still be worthwhile to sink money in oil stocks (particularly in the oil sands sector), most of the boom had already passed. Sure there was money still to be made, but the downside is palpable. Geopolitical tensions in Iran and Nigeria are propping up crude oil prices right now, but the fundamentals (aka supply and demand) do not suggest that $70/barrel is feasible.

So, the question is,

What else?


Over the next little while, I will be elucidating more of the story and will recommend a few companies who are in the best position to cash in on this yet undiscovered phenomenon

For those who would want some more info now, feel free to check out this guide. It gives a good introduction and spells why so many investors like me are eager to do our own due diligence and make good decisions.


Beware, however, while reading this. This article should only serve as introduction as it is heavily biased. Uranium is going to make a lot of money for crafty investors, but only those who do their own research and THINK for themselves tend to make up this particular group!


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