Monday, March 20, 2006

Mar 20 Uranium Stocks Update: Paladin Resources (TSE:PDN)

Uranium junior and my second uranium stock pick Paladin Resources today announced their 2005 4th quarter earnings. No real surprises that I haven't told my readers about. They also put up a presentation on their website as an update for investors.

Some of their slides are a little outdated however. Paladin's market value is actually now neck and neck with Urasia's. Both are the biggest and most mature uranium junior mining companies out there and their market caps are racing ahead past $1.5 billion Cdn.

You may want to check out for a comprehensive listing with share prices and market caps of almost all listed Canadian companies with uranium interests.

In addition, beware of some of their figures, such as the one showing 2020 production targets. The most blatant mistake on their part was not to include the 18 million/year production that will be coming out of Cameco's Cigar Lake. Moreover, I would challenge ANYONE to really predict uranium production 14 years in the future. Certainly it looks attractive to invest in uranium give nthe 2020 shortages, but I invest in companies who will be producing NOW when uranium prices are soaring and at least in the short-term, one can be assured that new uranium production will be extremely limited.

Still, let's give Paladin some credit. Their Langer Heinrich project is on schedule, the stock has been the best performing one on the ASX for two years running, they have solid management, great uranium experience, a well thought-out and executed plan so far that lets the uranium investing public EXACTLY when things will be done.

So congratulations to Paladin.


Blogger charlottebandit said...

Spelunca, remember earlier when I posted on TDCP? Check out their new PR concerning their PR today at 3/21/06 Press Release

Licensing & Sales in 4th quarter (2006) for their 3d-holographic, color communications unit. TDCP is the stock symbol.


Just trying to share a blessing for those interested. Tight bid/ask, with less than 1 million float.

8:21 AM  
Blogger charlottebandit said...

Nice update about Paladin. I'm also loving it and prefer near-term producers since they will be able to take advantage of the soaring uranium spot-price.

Moreso, it's easier to look at near-term demand so why not go with a "sure thing" of near-term producers.


I also have some uranium exploration jr.s, but I'm not looking at them to actually produce until the next decade. They will most likely be bought out by majors & near-term producers which also means $$$.

Your top uranium jr. picks are right on the money, Spelunca!

8:48 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wish I had picked up some paladin..But you can't have 'em all I guess .. My fist Uranium stock was UEX 2 years ago at 32 cents followed by LAM a year later at 97 cents I then switched out of Denison & bought Maple minerals now mega Uranium and also own Strathmore, Canalaska, JNR, plus a few others ..

QUATERRA RESOURCES isn't mentioned on the list of Uranium Stocks ..I LOVE this stock .when I picked this baby up it was more as a Silver play knowing that Tom Patton spun it off in the Western Copper pre Western Silver days .. Now it looks good for Uranium too ..

Uranium Gold Silver are going to be the big winners of the decade.. They already have been for me and the best is yet to come...


2:31 PM  
Blogger Symore said...

I live in United states, Can anybody tell me how I can buy stocks traded in canadian stock exchange?

5:38 PM  
Blogger Spelunca said...

hey peeps!

(1) i'm not completely right charlotte..IUC has not been performing for me. However, I'm not ready to give up on it's too interesting of a play

(2) quattera resources does have uranium properties amongst other will be added to the list thnx!

7:15 PM  
Blogger charlottebandit said...

IUC is just sleeping right now. It will have it's day in the sun soon enough. :)

Symore, you could purchase the Pink Sheets equivalent for Canadian stocks & other exchanges if that company registered for it. Paladin Resources (Australian) trades as PALAF.PK. UrAsia (Canadian) trades as UAEYF.PK.

Go to Pink and do a search for your desired company. Some brokerages (Ameritrade & others) allow you to purchase the stocks directly from Canadian exchanges with their designated Canadian symbol. These trades usually require broker assistance. It might be cumbersome to hold/sell Canadian stocks (not pink sheet equivalents) in taxable account when you sell. Speak to a tax attorney about that.

- charlottebandit

7:39 PM  

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