Sunday, March 26, 2006

Uranium Stock Market Caps (March 26)

Alberta Star Development (ASX.V)

Aldershot Resources Ltd. (ALZ.V)

Altius Minerals Corp. (ALS.V)

Azimut Exploration Inc. (AZM.V)

Bayswater Ventures (BVE.V)

Benton Resources Corp. (BTC.V)

Brilliant Mining Corp. (BMC.V)

Buck Lake Ventures Ltd. (BUC.V)


CanAlaska Ventures Limited (CVV.V)

Commander Resources Ltd. (CMD.V)

Consolidated Abaddon Resources Inc. (ABN.V)

Continental Precious Minerals Ltd. (CZQ.V)

Crescent Resources Corp. (CRC.V)

Crosshair Exploration (CXX.V)

Dejour Enterprises (DJE.V)

Denison Mines Inc. (DEN.TO)

East Asia Minerals Corp. (EAS.V)

El Nino Ventures Inc. (ELN.V)

Eloro Resources Ltd. (ELO.V)

Energy Metals Corp (EMC.V)

Equinox Resources Ltd. (EQN.TO)

Erdene Gold Inc. (ERD.TO)

ESO Uranium Corp. (ESO.V)

Firestone Ventures Inc. (FV.V)

Fortress Minerals Corp. (FST.V)

Forum Development Corp. (FDC.V)

Fronteer Development Group Inc. (FRG.TO)

Full Metal Minerals Ltd. (FMM.V)

Golden Valley Mines Ltd. (GZZ.V)

Gravity West Mining Corp. (GRW.V)

Hathor Exploration Ltd. (HAT.V)

High Plains Uranium, Inc. (HPU.TO)

Hornby Bay Exploration Ltd (HBE.V)

IGC Resources Inc. (IGC.V)

International Uranium Coporation (IUC.TO)

JNR Resources Inc. (JNN.V)

Kilgore Minerals Ltd. (KAU.V)

Laramide Resources Ltd. (LAM.V)

Logan Resources Ltd. (LGR.V)

Magnum Uranium Corp. (MM.V)

Mawson Resources Ltd. (MAW.V)

MAX Resource Corp. (MXR.V)

Mega Uranium, Inc. (MGA.V)

Mesa Uranium Inc. (MZU.V)

Mexivada Mining Corp. (MNV.V)

Monster Copper Corporation (MNS.V)

North American Gem Inc. (NAG.V)

Northern Continental Resources Inc. (NCR.V)

Northwestern Mineral Ventures Inc. (NWT.V)

Nova Uranium Corp. (NUC.V)

Paladin Resources Ltd (PDN.TO)

Pan African Mining Corp. (PAF.V)

Pathfinder Resources Ltd. (PHR.V)

Pele Mountain Resources Inc. (GEM.V)

Pioneer Metals Corp. (PSM.TO)

Pitchstone Exploration Ltd (PXP.TO)

Purepoint Uranium Group Inc. (PTU.V)

Quattera Resources (QTA.V)

Rampart Ventures Ltd. (RPT.V)

Rare Earth Metals Corp. (REM.V)

Red Dragon Resources Corp. (DRA.V)

Rodinia Minerals Inc. (RM.V)

Santoy Resources Ltd. (SAN.V)

Sea Green Capital Corp. (SGS.V)

Signet Minerals Inc. (SGN.V)

Solex Resources Corp. (SOX.V)

Solitaire Minerals Corp. (SLT.V)

Standard Uranium Inc. (URN.V)

Starfire Minerals Inc. (SFR.V)

Strateco Resources Corp. (RSC.V)

Strategic Metals Ltd. (SMD.V)

Strathmore Minerals Corp. (STM.V)

Strongbow Exploration Inc. (SBW.V)

sxr Uranium One Inc (SXR.TO)

Thelon Ventures Ltd. (THV.V)

Titan Uranium Exploration (TUE.V)

Tournigan Gold Corporation (TVC.V)

Triex Minerals Corporation (TXM.V)

Twenty-Seven Capital Corp. (TSC.V)

UEX Corp. (UEX.TO)

UGL Enterprises Ltd. (UGS.V)

United Carina Resources Corp. (UCA.V)

Universal Uranium Ltd. (UUL.V)

Uranium City Resources Inc (UCR.V)

Uranium Participation Cooperation (U.TO)

Uranium Power Corp. (UPC.V)

Urasia Energy Ltd. (UUU.V)

Uravan Minerals Inc. (UVN.V)

Ur-Energy Inc. (URE.TO)

ValGold Resources Ltd. (VAL.V)

Vena Resources Inc. (VEM.V)

Waseco Resources Inc. (WRI.V)

Wescan Goldfields Inc. (WGF.V)

Western Prospector Group Ltd. (WNP.V)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

is it too late to get into uranium now?
which company is good to buy?

8:19 PM  
Blogger Spelunca said...

no it's not too late, but i would advise not buying until you see a pullback

11:14 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

thanks for the advise.

5:47 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

found a much better canadian uranium stock list: here

9:53 PM  

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