Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Revisiting Past Uranium Picks

Well, my uranium mining stocks blog has hit the 3 month mark! A big thank you for all of you who have given your input and helped to fuel my passion for writing about uranium stocks! I still have the same enthusiasm now as I did at the end of January and will continue to write as long as there is a thirst from uranium readers worldwide.

At this point I thought I'd give everyone a quarterly report on my uranium picks. Now unlike other sites, I'm not going to quote exact numbers. That's really not my style. Suffice to say, all my picks went up, some significantly, some less so, save one..

International Uranium Corporation (IUC.TO) has seen its stock stagnate, but then if one actually read my original article on IUC, would discover that I had urged caution on this stock until they had actually announced reopening of their American mines. To this day they haven't and I am frankly skeptical about the reason why.

Paladin Resources (PDN.TO), sxr Uranium One (SXR.TO), Uranium Participation Corporation (UPC.TO), and Ur-Energy (URE.TO) have all performed very well.

Urasia (UUU.V) has also gained, modestly well, but I wanted to highlight this stock for a particular reason. Urasia will be the bellweather stock for all other uranium juniors in the months to come. If you remember, Urasia announced a $5.5 million loss for the three months of November, December and January. The next quarterly report for the months of February, March, and April should be out sometime near the end of June, will be critical. The reasoning is that these three months will see Urasia sell uranium at fully unhedged prices, aka prices determined by the current uranium oxide charts. Urasia is probably the first company to jump from non-producing uranium junior to uranium producing powerhouse and its success or lack thereof on the bottom line will determine in a big way the way investors feel about the future viability of many other uranium companies.

Below are the links to all six of my uranium picks made this quarter. Feel free to read my original articles!



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