Monday, April 24, 2006

Uranium Penny Stocks

Here are some uranium companies who can be considered penny stocks in terms of their market valuations. As always with penny stocks however, make sure you do full due diligence first! Sometimes there are reasons why these penny stocks!

Benton Resources (BTC.V)
Buck Lake Ventures (BUC.V)
Consolidated Pacific Bay (CBP.V)
El Nino Ventures Inc. (ELN.V)
Garnet Point (GRV.V)
Glen Hawk Minerals (GHM.V)
Global Uranium (GU.V)
Gravity West Mining Corp. (GRW.V)
IGC Resources Inc. (IGC.V)
MAX Resource Corp. (MXR.V)
Monster Copper Corporation (MNS.V)
New Shoshoni Ventures (NSV.V)
Rare Earth Metals Corp. (REM.V)
Sea Green Capital Corp. (SGS.V)
ValGold Resources Ltd. (VAL.V)
Waseco Resources Inc. (WRI.V)


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