Monday, May 29, 2006

Australian Uranium Stocks Listing (June)

Acclaim Exploration ASX:AEX
Adelaide Resources Limited ASX:AEX
Alliance Resources ASX:AGS
Apex Minerals ASX:AXM
Arafura Resources ASX:ARU
Ashburton Minerals ASX:ATN
Aura Energy ASX:AEE
Australian United Gold ASX:AUL
Bannerman Resources ASX:BMN
Batavia Mining ASX:BTV
BHP Billiton ASX:BHP
Bullion Minerals ASX:BLN
Cazaly Resources ASX:CAZ
Compass Resources ASX:CMR
Contact Resources ASX:CTS
Curnamona Energy ASX:CUY
Deep Yellow Ltd ASX:DYL
Encounter Resources ASX:ENR
Energy Metals ASX:EME
Energy Resources of Australia ASX:ERA
Equinox Minerals ASX:EQN
Extract Resources ASX:EXT
Georgetown Mining ASX:GRG
Globe Uranium ASX:GBE
Gold Search ASX:GSE
Golden State Resources ASX:GDN
Goldstream Mining ASX:GDM
Glengarry Resources ASX:GGY
Giralia Resources ASX:GIR
Great Western Exploration Limited ASX:GWE
Green Rock Energy ASX:GRK
Havilah Resources ASX:HAV
Hindmarsh resources ASX:HMR
Image Resources ASX:IMA
Jindalee Resources ASX:JRL
Kalgoorlie Boulder Resources ASX:KAL
Korab Resources ASX:KOB
Marathon Resources ASX:MTN
Matrix Metals ASX:MRX
Maximus Resources ASX:MXR
Monaro Resources ASX:MRO
Monax Mining ASX:MOX
Nickel Australia ASX:NKL
Nova Energy ASX:NEL
Omegacorp ASX:OMC
Paladin Resources ASX:PDN
PepinNini ASX:PNN
Redport ASX:RPT
Polaris Metals ASX:POL
Red Metal ASX:RDM
Reefton Mining ASX:RTM
Rio Tinto ASX:RIO
Scimitar Resources ASX:SIM
Siberia Mining Corporation ASX:SIB
Southern Gold ASX:SAU
Southern Cross Exploration ASX:SCX
Stellar Resources ASX:SRZ
Strike Resources ASX:SRK
Summit Resources ASX:SMM
Toro Energy Limited ASX:TOE
U3O8 Limited ASX:UTO
Uranex ASX:UNX
Uranium Exploration ASX:UXA
Washington Resources Limited ASX:WRL


Blogger OttoB said...

First I want to say: Thank's a lot for the outstanding info you provide us readers for free! To my questions.. I see stock listings. But of what mutual funds and hedgefunds do you know of that are heavly uranium investing? Also would you know from where to purchase these. E.g. I read about Solios fund, but can't find where to get to it. Also, would you know of any good Australian online investing providers? I'm consider getting into Aussie U stocks. Thanks heaps.

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