Monday, May 08, 2006

Uranium Stocks Volatility

If you check out Canadian uranium stocks lately on PreciousMetalResources, you'll find that many of them are trading with speculative volatility, often jumping up >10% on day while dropping the same amount on another.

For example, these nine uranium stocks today had jumped greater than 10%:

(1) Gravity West Mining Corp (GRW.V) up 24%
(2) Strateco Resources Inc (RSC.V)
(3) Monster Copper Corp (MNS.V)
(4) UGL Enterprises Ltd (UGS.V)
(5) Buck Lake Ventures (BUC.V)
(6) Pele Mountain Resources (GEM.V)
(7) Rodinia Minerals Inc. (RM.V)
(8) IGC Resources Inc. (IGC.V)
(9) Crosshair Exploration (CXX.V) up 10.7%

while these three uranium stocks fell more than 10%:

(1) Marum Resources Inc. (MMU.V)
(2) Strategic Metals Ltd. (SMD.V)
(3) Rare Earth Metals Corp (REM.V)

Before you conclude that uranium stocks in general did well this Monday, consider this caveat: 25 uranium stocks fell greater than 5% while only 18 gained greater than 5%.

What we are seeing right now is a period of extreme volatility in the uranium stock stratosphere. Caution is advised and a great deal of risk tolerance is needed if one wishes to buy uranium stocks at this moment.


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