Saturday, September 23, 2006

You Know Uranium Is Hot When..

RobTV has had guests talk about uranium every day of the week for the past week. Just a week-and-a-half ago, I had this to say about the future of uranium stock investing:

"As most uranium investors know, it has been most profitable in the last two years or so to put money into uranim stocks. However, uranium has not been talked about too much outside of a very small circle. It has been only in the last few months that I've seen more and more coverage initiated by such popularity indicators as Report on Business TV (RoBTV). Sprott has been heavily invested in uranium but the company cannot be considered a giant in the financial world. With Deustche Bank and CIBC World Markets now weighing in on the bullish side of uranium, you can bet that your ordinary Joe and Jane will eventually get to know uranium oxide and the benefits of investing in U3O8 stocks."

Now yesterday, listening to RoBTV's host preface Peter Grandich's view on uranium by stating
"uranium as you mention, it's a no-brainer, boy there's no slowing uranium at all, is there?"
Peter Grandich remained extremely bullish about uranium, citing that the price would go up because:

(1) there is no substitute for uranium
(2) uranium prices could double and not really adversely affect the cost of running a nuclear power plant
(3) US Energy Department would like to build 30 new nuclear plants in the United States

Grandich's top pick was Crosshair Exploration (CXX.V) in Central Labrador, citing its proximity to Aurora (AXU.V) and impressive land package.


Keep in mind that CXX, by Grandich's own admission, is his largest personal holding. Furthermore, here's what I pulled out of a Google search:

Crosshair Explorations pays Grandich Publications $1,000 a month U.S., and has issued 200,000 stock options @ $.25; 100,000 options @$.45; and 100,000 @ $1.31 100,000 @ $.25 have been exercised and sold.

The point is, always try to know why an analyst says what he says and exactly at what angle he is trying to play at..

Finally, as if the ordinary Jane and Joe can somehow miss hearing about uranium, David Miller, President of Strathmore Minerals (STM.V), will be on Monday.


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