Monday, January 01, 2007

Jan 1: Patricia Mohr, vice president economics, Scotiabank Uranium Outlook 2007

Here are some interesting excerpts from commodities heavyweight Patricia Mohr regarding her views on uranium for the upcoming year..

uranium is my top commodity pick of the 32 commodities in the index..there has been a fundamental rejuvenation..138 new reactors between now and 2020..even in the United States, 20 new reactors in the next decade..not really much progress in boosting up mine supply..this year global uranium production probably down again because of operating problems..while you getting some price response in terms of supply, a little bit of reactivation of shut-down mines, expansion of existing ones, usually long lead times between rising prices of uranium and actually getting a new mine onstream..couple of small projects but quite small relative to overall demand picture..we are expecting uranium prices currently at $72 to end next year at ~$85-90
The conscensus amongst experts seem to be that uranium will still be relatively strong in 2007 compared to other commodities and that the window for investing in uranium stocks is open for at the next 12 months.


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