Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Jan 2: Jean-Francois Tardif, Sprott Asset Management

Jean-Francois Tardif, senior portfolio manager, Sprott Asset Management

PALADIN RESOURCES (TSE:PDN): uranium producer as we speak..producing first few hundred pounds in next few weeks..mine in Namibia..they have many many projects..8 million years in five, six years..number of producers in one hand..it is not cheap but if you believe price of uranium keep on going, can own this..core holding in many uranium portfolios

CAMECO (NYSE:CCJ TSE:CCO): as a takeover potential, I doubt it..reason is there are rules in Canada..uranium is strategic resource..Cameco as my hedge against junior uranium..half a percent of my fund, small short position..

STRATHMORE MINERALS (CVE:STM): company that owns some uranium in ground, not a producer..have been an early player, grabbed assets..we are confident over time they will be able to take to production..it is true that it has not done as well..it is good holding in basket..some risk, not producer..it will take time..we feel it is reasonably cheap

PELE MOUNTAIN (CVE:GEM): we were lucky to be invested..paid 27-30 cents..uranium exploration company, goes into a basket of different uranium stocks..we own more than a dozen..maybe even twenty..some early exploration, some resources in ground..involves a lot of risk..after big run wait to buy..hard call short-term..I tend to wait for some correction before buying stocks I like

UEX CORPORATION (TSE:UEX): discovered new deposit..it is although a risky stock because they are drilling further and more, depending on news..definitely some of those holes huge grade..time before taken to production..market cap not small anymore..risky situation especially after this big run..will be news-driven

URASIA ENERGY (CVE:UUU): producer of uranium in Kazakhstan..some political risk even with deal with government, probably is fine..personally not comfortable with it..probably cheapest of producers but I prefer to invest to invest in Canada, Australia..not something we own


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