Monday, January 29, 2007

Jan 29 Uranium Stocks Update: Denison Mines (TSE:DML)

Peter Grandich, editor and publisher, Grandich Publications

DENISON MINES (TSE:DML): great thing about DENISON is that it replaces CAMECO CORPORATION (NYSE:CCJ TSE:CCO) in my portfolio..I think Cigar Lake will have much more delays..make people realize there are other uranium plays..I think what is going to happen is that institutions especially in US will finally wake up to uranium and target will be exceeded

David Cockfield, senior VP, Leon Frazer & Associates

DENISON MINES (TSE:DML): it has had quite a good run..seems to be one of the emerging offsets to Cameco in terms of uranium play..reasonable amount of ore, production..I am looking at it myself..starting to look respectable..going sideways, I would like to see keep at these levels..not quite ready to say it is a buy yet

Robert Floyd, R.A., Floyd Capital Management

DENISON MINES (TSE:DML): I think supply-demand matrix obviously really strong..crux of problem CAMECO (NYSE:CCJ TSE:CCO)..they are really largest uranium producer..DENISON MINES consolidator, building reserves..very interesting company..some of the research reports for company are not pushing price targets..$12-13..if uranium price is pushed up dramatically, targets move higher but for time being, not terribly aggressive on price..traders would take some profits and looking to reposition..uranium decent area to invest, question is much do you want to pay? Need to look at reclamation at Cameco

Kyle McKay, portfolio manager, Leeward Hedge Funds

DENISON MINES (TSE:DML): done really well as have most uranium junior energy companies following Cameco Cigar Lake, recently merged with IUC, producing 1 million lbs of uranium this year increasing to 4-4.5 next several issue is Denison does have hedges in place for certain amount of production, roll off in 2008..I think there are other opportunities within uranium intermediate junior level..PALADIN (TSE:PDN) looks interesting, SXR URANIUM ONE (TSE:SXR) which had a very difficult day today, URASIA (CVE:UUU) as well


Blogger Charles L. said...

Very good post!

Indeed Cigar Lake will be delayed at least until 2009. Cameco will release estimates in March, it could be a could entry point at the end of that month for those who like Cameco.

As for small caps I recommend Strathmore mineral (STM.V) They are in the Athabasca bassin in Saskatchewan and in the united states. My DCF is not yet done but it is definitely a great buy.

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