Monday, January 15, 2007

RoBTV: Jean-Francois Tardif, Sprott

Jean-Francois Tardif, portfolio manager, Sprott Asset Management

ENERGY METALS (TSE:EMC): we own basket of uranium..ENERGY METALS has been one of primary holdings, still continue to own it..we like it..they have a lot of uranium on the ground, some proven, some inferred..US has largest shortage of uranium versus consumption..assets in US are going to be worth lots of money down the road

UR-ENERGY (TSE:URE): another uranium investment that we have..again US asset..rumors of this company to be taken over, possible..I think this company could be taken over in 2007

PELE MOUNTAIN RESOURCES (CVE:GEM): early uranium..we bought at private placement, very happy..goes to a basket because early exploration but not something I would buy here because of run..500% this year

SOLEX RESOURCES (CVE:SOX): indeed we like it..I have to admit that we own many uranium stocks..probably about 25..this one is exploration..I like the strategy of SOLEX..get some land, attractive projects, get somebody else to drill..not dilution going forward..still good upside from here

PAST PICK: WESTERN PROSPECTOR GROUP (CVE:WNP): uranium in Mongolia..hammered in 2006 because of Mongolia and lawsuit..if you are willing to take risk, this is one of cheapest stocks to buy

FORSYS METALS (TSE:FSY): uranium, have project in Namibia, same country as PALADIN RESOURCES (TSE:PDN), grade lower, cost should be higher, water issue as well..if uranium north of $100, this project will be able to produce uranium but take years and years..because of run, be careful in short-term..

DENISON MINES (TSE:DML): stock will do fine under a basket, more advanced company..not something that Sprott owns..

PALADIN RESOURCES (TSE:PDN): second stock you can buy, CAMECO (NYSE:CCJ TSE:CCO) the largest..PALADIN just started producing, no longer cheap but will stay expensive..for large cap investor, you can only buy CAMECO and PALADIN..we own it in our funds

SOLEX RESOURCES (CVE:SOX): client of really took off in last couple months due to runup in uranium and quality of projects in Peru..would like to see some consolidation in SOLEX because it has had big run..corporate-wise still has long ways to go..

CAMECO CORPORATION (NYSE:CCJ TSE:CCO): I am not a geologist but I know some of the best in the world..privately many of them they tell me that they think there is a good chance that Cigar Lake is lost..on that basis, it is not first hand, from what I hear..I do not think Cameco deserves to be number one uranium play..would sooner own DENISON MINES (TSE:DML)..look elsewhere

CROSSHAIR EXPLORATION (CVE:CXX): continues to be in my biased view single best junior uranium has woken up to Labrador play..AURORA ENERGY (TSE:AXU) I think will be a takeover target..have not changed fundamental view at all


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hey, it is nice to see some expert's opinions here. But I wonder where you get this information? Thanks

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actually I tried to find the video but failed at

would you mind tell me when was the show?

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you can access past shows on RoBTV, but they only stay on for a week or so..

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