Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Cameco Corporation CEO on RoBTV

RoBTV: Can Cameco Fix Cigar Lake?

Jerry Grandey, CEO, Cameco

Where Things Stands Now at Cigar Lake

We are now in Phase I of recovery, intercepting the collapsed area, putting concrete into tunnels trying to get effective seal, go on now for one month, maybe a bit longer..hopefully in few months pumping mine out

How Has It Changed Estimates for Coming Year

Remember Cigar was not in production but development..2007 no impact on objectives..mine was supposed to be in production in 2008. In March we will let people know when it will likely start production and the added cost that will be incurred in the cleanup exercise

Like it or not, the coming announcement of Cameco is anticipated by all, mostly because, in my opinion, investor sentiment is key in this speculative phase of the uranium investing cycle.

As liquidity continues to pour into TSX Venture and uranium stocks in general--bulled by a new Sprott report--some have begin to question valuations. In an honest moment, I do worry that market psychology (greed) during these times often displace logic and analysis; case in point, I can make much stronger cases for some of the beat-up gold microcaps than their uranium counterparts. Be that as it may, a keen eye on the broader market and a smidgeon of self-discipline may be the saving graces in this ever-increasingly volatile uranium investing world!



Blogger Gul kage said...

Thanks for a very good blog. Could you please tell me which microcap gold stocks you like?

1:08 PM  
Blogger Spelunca said...

i have positions in SGA, GCX, DMM and am currently evaluating several others..they have really lagged behind the gold price and even other mid-tier juniors. as with uranium stocks, I prefer those who are producers or have near-term production visibility..

1:52 PM  
Blogger pragmatic said...

So, would you continue to hold your uranium positions or lighten up considering the current market sentiment? There is a bit of greed in the market right now, but I still think it's the more knowledgeable investors. The average investor still is unaware of the uranium bull market.

9:12 PM  
Blogger Spelunca said...

I personally would run with it for now, but have a quick trigger if I see the TSX Venture volume dry up or outright correcting..fact of the matter is, I am a pragmatist and realize that market psychology (greed) is something not to be railed at but utilized..

1:04 AM  
Blogger pragmatic said...

Thanks. Well I sold out of some of my positions too early. PDN and UUU at around 4 bucks after buying in the 2's. Some would say that I should be happy making a profit. I say that I was too quick on the trigger. I just don't want to lose my other positions too quickly.

8:16 AM  
Blogger Spelunca said...

you can always take initial investment off the table..everything else will just be profit

10:39 AM  

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