Monday, February 05, 2007

RoBTV: Peter Grandich

Peter Grandich, editor and publisher, Grandich Publications

STRATHMORE MINERALS (CVE:STM): well-managed, had foresight to see uranium bubble before anybody else did, acquired lot of property, went sideways..uranium bubble is just starting its bubble..think what you are going to see is STRATHMOREs, with legitimate projects and true production potential separating themselves..the one firm around the world that always seems to be ahead of the crowd is Sprott..I would soon as bet on them as against them

(TSE:U): they could and will eventually be sellers but uranium earmarked for $100..U trades at premium, I would not be buyer not because I do no think uranium will go up, but I do not think you get leverage anymore..uranium is viable energy source, never thought that in my lifetime I would see a new nuclear plant

CROSSHAIR (CVE:CXX): we first talked about it here at 35-40 cents, client of ours..outstanding fundamentals, following in footsteps of AURORA ENERGY (TSE:AXU)..Crosshair about a year behind in growth path..better when they were 35 cents..outside of uranium turning down, my long-term target is that the company could achieve a billion market cap, $10 in 12-24 months

Brendan Kyne, chairman and CEO, Leeward Hedge Funds

(NYSE:CCO TSE:CCJ): this is a difficult one..stock has done so well for investors over 5 years..over last year, directionless..selling uranium at dramatically less than $72/lb..growth profile growing forward aligned with Cigar Lake..Cameco buys lot of uranium from Russia, I am not a fan of Putin..nationalizing assets..Russia is supplying Cameco with dramatically discounted uranium..I would not put it past Russia to suddenly have production problems..we are actually shorting Cameco..want to be exposed to unhedged spot price..SXR Uranium One (TSE:SXR), Urasia Energy (CVE:UUU), Paladin Resources (TSE:PDN), all three are high-grade acquisition targets

SXR URANIUM ONE (TSE:SXR): one of the themes in uranium market is M&A activity..Cameco will be buying near-term producers..unhedged production, I think there is distinct opportunity because I suspect Rio Tinto wants to get into uranium themselves..uranium conference this year had six multinational teams complete with analysts..we own every single near-term producer

UEX CORP (TSE:UEX): interesting company, very volatile..2007 will be significant that crude prices appear to be bottoming and Bush announcing wanting to double SPR, UEX worth looking at..we have done tremendous amount of work in uranium, there will be 22% in demand by 2011, take out the largest uranium mine, equivalent to Iran, Iraq, and Kuwait in oil production, and you say prices will decrease?

(TSE:PDN): I own large position, Paladin acquisition candidate for SXR Uranium One, Rio Tinto, two things working: higher commodity price plus acquisition multiple..when US dealers talk to us about uranium, they only know about Paladin

(CVE:UUU): like it, own it, love it..what I really like it is near-term uranium producer in Kazakhstan, supply growth over three years..Cameco also developing mine in Kazakhstan, logical acquisition..unhedged..this name could be very good name over next two years


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